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User experience

[We open in a well-lit corporate conference room. A meeting has been running for a while. Lots has been accomplished but time is running out.]
[The door opens and a tall, tow-headed twenty-something guy in glasses walks in, carrying a Mac Air and a folder.]
Manager: Oh, here he is. This is Richard. I asked him to join us today. Glad he could make it. He's got some great user experience ideas.
Richard: Call me Dick.
Manager: Dick's done a lot of seminal UX work for us.
Engineer: Hey, aren't you the guy who's arguing we shouldn't have search in e-books?
Dick: Absolutely. It's a lousy idea.
Engineer: What?
Dick: Books are the best UI ever created. They've been perfected over more than 500 years of development. We shouldn't mess with success.
Product manager: Well, this is a new age. We should be allowed to ...
Dick: Books have never had search. If we add search, we'll just confuse the user.
Product manager: Oh, you're right. We don't want to do that.
Engineer: But e…