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I can't find this on the web, so here follows a note I wrote in 1991
of an odd event in my computing career.


There's no such thing as bad publicity, the saying goes.
Unless, of course, you have no interest in being a public figure.
That's where Richard Stallman and I start to diverge.

A friend called early Saturday to report some good news; groggily,
I countered with a feeling of impending doom. I had to spend the
day preparing for a talk Monday afternoon at MIT. The talk itself
would be fine: I'd been invited by Butler Lampson to talk about Plan 9
at the Lab for Computer Science and took that as the kind of honor
I rise to. I'd give a hell of talk, provided I was allowed to.
The problem, I said, is that MIT and I are connected by some history.

I explained about The League for Programming Freedom,
just the `League' to insiders, whose multiply ambiguous name
hearkens to an innocent age in software. Free Software is
like Free Love, a hippie pipe dream in which
computing i…